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v bottom bag

V Bottom bags have used for carrying a variety of products like bread, butter, cheese, milk bags, canned goods, frozen foods, dairy items, sauces, sauces, fruits, vegetables, pulses, tomatoes and many more. This bags are cheaper and durable hence they are widely used for packing of food products at various restaurants and street food stalls.

square bottom bag

A Square bottom bag is square in shape. It is widely use for Grocery Packaging, Bakery Product Packaging, Restaurant Food Delivery.

shopping bag

In Today Market Paper bags are not only environment friendly but paper bags have also become something of a fashion and status symbol.  Many Big Brand now using Paper bags in there showrooms. It can also be used for endorsement or promotion of there brand with attractive paper bags to advertise there company’s brand. It Come in many Design and many different different colors.

Shiv Shakti Sales

Use papers instead of plastic. With paper bags, the world is like a diamond which shines everywhere. Go green with paper bags, everything is fantastic. Stop bagging the planet – say NO to plastic bags.

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